Organic Balloon Hoops

Photos are shown in reverse order (from newest to oldest).
BABY Organic Balloon Hoop 
I Love U Organic Balloon Hoop
Fresh flowers & Greenery added to this personalised Engagement Balloon Hoop
Baby Shower Organic Balloon Hoop against our greenery wall 
Fresh Colour Palette of Aqua, Lime and Silver
Organic Balloon Hoop for Ash's 21st Bday- Colour Palette: Black, Chrome Silver and rose gold
Perfect partnership, flowers and balloons
Perfect partners, balloons and flowers
Pastel pinks and greens
When you turn 100, you really MUST celebrate!!!
99th Birthday Organic Balloon Hoop 
90 Blessings
50 Organic Balloon Hoop with artificial red roses
Gold & White Balloon hoop for 50th Wedding Anniversary
40th Birthday Balloon Hoop with artificial greenery & roses. 
30th Birthday Organic Garland & Hoop
30th Birthday Organic Balloon Hoop 
21st Birthday Organic Balloon Hoop for behind the cake table
21st Organic Balloon Hoop for behind the cake table
18th Birthday Balloon Hoop for a young South Sydney Supporter
A beautiful add on for your next party or event. 
18th Birthday Organic Balloon Hoop in Black, white and gold
Small 1st Birthday Organic Balloon Hoop