Helium Balloon Bouquets

Photos are shown in reverse order (from newest to oldest).
Tigi Booth @ Mantra, Salt Trade show. 
61cm Confetti bubble with 9 x helium underneath
90th Birthday balloon bouquet with 6 x helium, weighted with 8 x mini balloons on base. 
Red Orbz Balloon with 2 x standard 28cm helium balloons. 
Sapphire Blue Orbz Feature balloon with 2 x latex underneath. 
1st Birthday Helium Bouquet in Jungle Theme
Say it loud with a BIG Bouquet
Bright & Happy 40th Birthday Surprises
Turning 60 is a BIG deal
80th Birthday Helium bouquet
Its a GIRL
Its A Boy
Happy Birthday Helium Balloon bouquet in green & white
13th Birthday Helium Bouquet
Happy Mothers Day Foil
Happy Mothers Day Ladybug Foil
Happy Mothers Day Foil balloon Bouquet
Baby Shower Bouquet
Thomas bouquet
Happy Birthday Bubble
3 Tier Casino Themed helium Bouquet
3 Tier Polka Dot Helium Bouquet
Bright Colourful Peace, Love Bouquet
Happy Birthday Foil Table Centrepiece
Coles @ Banora Pt celebrates Coles 100th Birthday
100th Birthday Floor Standing balloon bouquet
100th Birthday Balloon bouquet with 7 x helium balloons
40th Anniversary balloon bouquet
Side 2 of A Perfect Pair Foil balloon Table Centrepiece
A Perfect Pair Helium filled Foil Table Bouquet
Happy Mothers Day helium filled foil Table Centrepiece
40th Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet
Happy Retirement Helium Foil Bouquet
Red & Gold 60th Birthday Helium Bouquet
3 Tier Foil Retirement Bouquet
50th Pink & Gold Floor Standing Helium Bouquet
50th Birthday 3 Tier Helium Balloon Floor Standing Bouquet
60th Birthday 3 Tier Floor Staning Bouquet
3 Tier 60th Balloon Table Bouquets
3 Tier Helium 60th Balloon Bouquet
3 Tier Happy Birthday table bouquets @ Saltbar
3 Tier Helium Happy birthday Balloon bouquet
Baby Boy Helium Bouquet, bubble, 2 x stars, 3 x latex
Bright Wiggles Colour Bouquets with 5 x balloons in each bouquet
XL Bride & Groom Airwalker balloons
Budget Conscious Single Tier Table Centrepieces
Lots of Balloons for Mothers Day display @ Kingscliff Shopping Village 2007
Happy Birthday Colour Balloon Bouquet
60th Birthday Helium filled foil Balloon table centrepiece
3 Tier Pirate themed Balloon Bouquet
Cars Bubble + 3 Balloon Bouquet
21st Birthday Balloon Bouquet in lime and sapphire Blue
3 Tier Floor Standing Helium Bouquets in Aqua & White
Deluxe balloon Bouquet Red, Black & White