Deluxe Helium Balloon Bouquets

Photos are shown in reverse order (from newest to oldest).
Helium Floor Bouquets for Fundraiser @ Saltbar
A mixture of 3ft white latex, 61cm bubbles and 51cm bubbles
1 x 3ft white, 1 x 61cm Bubble, 1 x 51cm bubble with ivy garland
Gorgeous 3ft white balloons, 61cm bubbles and 51cm bubbles with ivy garlands
Stunning 3ft balloons and bubble balloons with greenery
Confetti filled bubbles and letter balloons
Ceiling balloons
Lots of Roof Balloons. Rose Gold, Clear, Gold & Black
Smiley Face Wishing Well for Hawaiin Themed party
3ft XL Balloons, white and confetti filled. These balloons are huge and really make a statement.
Gorgeous pastels for a special ladys 80th @ Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club
80th Birthday Helium Table Bouquet with 7 x latex, weighted with 8 x mini
Minnie Mouse Bubble weighted with 8 x balloons on base. 
40th Birthday Deluxe Balloon Bouquet. 
Confetti Baby Shower Balloon Bouquet
Get Well 91cm Foil on link o loon Stand. 
Our Lucky Winner of our Valentines Day Prize
This is what 200 x loose helium balloons look like
XL 3ft Yellow Smiley Hot Air Balloon look a like with chocolates in tin bucket - from $60
1st Birthday XL Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet - from $75
3ft Balloon Bunch - balloons inflated and supplied by Jazeras - pic supplied by bride
40th Birthday table bouquet with 1 x 40cm Confetti helium & 4 x 28cm helium balloons 
18th Birthday helium table bouquet
40th Birthday Floor Standing Balloon Bouquets - from $45ea
90cm Foil Pearl Pink Heart on link o loon stand - from $65
Valentines Day display balloons
Bride & Groom Airwalker Balloons
Double Bubble Teddy inside Balloon
Baby Girl Bubble dummy bouquet - from $19.50
Fire Truck Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet - from $55
21st helium balloon bouquet with a Smiley Bubbleat the top
40th Balloons @ Black Oak, Casuarina
21st Birthday Balloon Bouquet - from $22
Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet - from $25
XL 3ft Balloons, pink, blush, wildberry pink, white
3ft Helium filled White balloons
XL Starfish helium filled Floor Standing Arrangement on Link o loon base
XL Foil fish balloon on link o loon base - from $65
XL Helium Latex Floor Standing (12) Balloon Bouquets
XL Octopus Foil Balloon on link o loon base - from $65ea
Sea Creature Foils on Link o Loon Balloon bases - from $65ea
Happy Birthday Bubble + 6 Balloon Bouquet
Baby Shower / New baby balloons
Loose helium Balloons - from $1.90ea
10th Birthday Balloon Bouquet, 3 x foils, 5 x latex prints - from $60
Floor Standing (9) Balloon Bouquet with box weight - from $30
1st Birthday Balloon Bouquet - Pink. Foil + 4 printed + 8 mini
Helium XL Balloon Bouquet with 1 x XL Happy Birthday foil + 12 x helium filled latex, weighted with 8 x mini balloons on the base.
Jungle Themed / Tiger Balloon Floor standing Bouquet - from $45
XL Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet with 46cm foil + 9 x helium filled latex with 8 x mini on base
Chrome Silver & Gold Balloons taking our 3 tier Floor Bouquets to another level 
I do believe in Unicorns, do you?
Feature balloon 40cm clear with 1st birthday print inside + 6 x assorted balloons underneath
1st Birthday balloons for baby girl
Unicorn and confetti Helium Balloon Bouquet
18th Birthday ballooons in silver, white and clear bubbles
21st Birthday Deluxe Bouquet in Purple, Black and Silver
18th Birthday Floor Standing Helium Bouquet with 1 x bubble + 9 x helium
When you turn 50 and Red and Black are your favourite colour combo
1st Birthday blue helium bouquet
60th Birthday Helium Floor Standing Bouquet black, silver & Gold - from $32
Soccer Bubble balloon with 9 x helium filled latex.
18th Birthday Bouquet - from $45
40th Birthday Balloon Bouquet - from $39
Our favourite balloon - 3ft Smiley face
Foil Star Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet. 1 x XL+ 3 x 45cm foil stars. from $55
Colourful Star foil Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet - from $80
Double Bubble Flower with Butterfly + 9 x colourful helium filled latex
LOVE Megaloon Set with 2 x 45cm Hearts on either side.
4th Birthday Floor Standing Bouquet
1st Birthday Balloons
2nd Birthday Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet - from $55
XL 1st Birthday Balloon Bouquet - from $70
1st Birthday Floor Standing Balloon Bouquet from $55