Welcome to our NEW website!!!

Saturday, 25-Jan 2014 @ 9:55 pm

Hello & Welcome!!!

We are so happy you stopped by whether it be by pure accident or on purpose. This is our first blog on our brand new website and we hope you enjoy having a little click here and there.

My name is Mel and I am the founder of Jazeras Party & Event Shop. I opened Jazeras as a little party shop @ The Kingscliff Shopping Village in 2005. It would be safe and truthful to say that back then, I had little more than an idea and a whole lot of determination to succeed in making a life for my family and I by using my creativity in a way that brought joy to many people.

For years prior I walked around my house and the houses of my friends looking around, rubbing my hands together knowing that my hands should be making something. At the time, I had no idea what... With this feeling came much frustration.

I had spent many years in the Sales, Office and Banking scene, working 9 to 5. The pay was good but the job itself was unsatisfying. I started doing the Gold Coast Art & Craft Markets on the side on weekends to satisfy my hunger for creativity. I know this sounds out there but I was painting boxes and filling them with my own self written affirmation cards.

Working full time during the week with a satisfying income was, what can I say, 'Unsatisfying'. Exposing my soul and my deepest inner thoughts through these affirmation cards was way more than satisfying. Although the sales of my 'Thought Boxes' weren't enough to give up my full time job it rewarded me in a way that money can not compare. The expression on peoples faces as they read my words was priceless. Some strangers, even shed tears. Some people went further than that and actually coughed up $25+ to buy these words that had come out of my head.

This part of my life was during 2000 to 2004 and by this stage I had 3 beautiful healthy gorgeous children. In fact, Jazeras, our business name is derived from these very same children. Jay, Zelia and Ranisha. 

 The self realisation of how unsatisfying my employment actually was came about in 2004 when I realised that I should be doing something completely different to what I was doing. I was working for Centrelink and I knew that my mouth and heart were working but my hands were not. At this very time I was also studying a Bachelor Degree in Social Science majoring in Counselling @ Southern Cross University part time. With 3 small gorgeous children and  a wonderful supportive husband I was more than happy and satisfied with my personal life, I just didnt have the balance in my professional life. I decided to take some of the advice that I had shared with so many people through my affirmation cards. It was time to take action and make some life changes. 9 years later the rest is history.

I love what I do, I love making things look beautiful. Using my heart and my hands is what I am best at. Everyone has something they are good and being able to find it and make a living out of it is the most amazing thing ever.

The past 9 years have been the most creative and soul satisfying years of my life. This in itself is the greatest gift, being able to put a smile on peoples faces, not just on my customers faces but on their family and friends faces too. 

My promise to all of my customers is to supply you with quality products at affordable prices. I take every job I get seriously and it makes no difference to me if your budget is small or large.  For new customers who hire my decorative services for your wedding, party or event, please be assured that I will always give you 100%. There are many competitors out there in the wedding / party industry and I truly wish them well but I wonder if they share the same dedication, the same focus, the same passion. Who knows...

Thank you for supporting my business over the past 9 years and if you are new to Jazeras or have randomly stumbled across us. Welcome!!!

All the best for 2014



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Good luck with the new site :)

~ Andrew on Monday, 14-Apr 2014 @ 9:24 am

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